Stunning Adventure Filled Couples Photos in Upstate, New York.

Fun Couples Photoshoot Ideas in Upstate New York

A fun summer couples photoshoot that was filled with playful emotions and affectionate moments of love in Upstate New York.

It was a scorching hot summer day in Upstate New York when Keira and Michael met me at Greenville Town Park. Keira and Michael reached out to me to capture a filmy, earthy vibe for their fun couples photoshoot. And it was just that! I documented their love story using both digital and traditional 35 mm black and white film. Their day was filled with an abundance of playful emotions and genuine, affectionate moments of love.

Candid Film Photography in New York

As a Fine Art Photographer, I love capturing my art with both digital and film. I thought it would be cute to give Keira and Michael a disposable camera during their session to help break the ice and to simply have fun couples photoshoot together creating silly, intimate memories with each other. Keira and Michael totally ran with this idea and created raw, timeless photos that I had later developed in color for them.

The Beauty of Bringing Sentimental Props

Keira and Michaels love story began after meeting at a local church. I consistently encourage that individuals bring their personal mementos, and I was deeply moved when Keira and Michael brought their Bible, symbolizing the inception of their love. Their Bible contained handwritten notes in the margins, and during the photoshoot they lovingly sat together reading some of their cherished Bible verses. 

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