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Do you travel outside of New York?

Yeeeees, I will use any excuse I can to travel so please, GIVE ME AN EXCUSE!

How long will it take to get my photos back?

For sessions, up to 4 weeks! For weddings, 6-8 weeks. But no worries, sneak peeks come to you within 48 hours of your session or wedding!!

I have a really complicated schedule, how will I fit in a session during both of our schedules?

I try to be super flexible when it comes to scheduling! I give weekend availability as well as a weekday/night to ensure that whether you work during the week, or during the weekend, there will be a time that will work for you!!

I'm not sure I need an engagement session with my wedding package, will I get a discount if I opt out of it?

Engagement sessions are complimentary so opting out will not lower a package price. However, I fully believe that you can NEVER have enough pictures so do the dang session and bring your freaking dog. 

I'm not sure I have the finances to invest in a photographer. How will I be able to pay for this?

Payment plans! Deposits are required with every session + wedding, this is 25% of the total. After that, I work with every client to make sure they have a payment plan either split into 3 or 4 payments to assure that you can invest in having these beautiful memories documented. Full payments are due before the day of the session or wedding. I want to work with you and I want you to have beautiful photos.

I'm not sure I should get photos because I am really awkward in front of the camera, how will you help me with this?

No worries!!! I am there for you every step of the way - I want to make sure that you are comfortable with me as a person before I ever stick a camera in your face. My method of shooting authentic moments also helps you have a more natural environment, I give motion prompts to loosen up instead of static posing. And.... I PLAY MUSIC - nothing is more awkward than someone telling you to move around in absolute silence while my camera shutter is clicking. 

Want to do something different for your session? Something that feels like you?

Here's 5 session Ideas for the creative couples

Tired of seeing all of your friends do photo sessions in a field... on a hay bale... on the beach looking off into the sunset..... does it feel like them? Not usually.. So here you go - my gift to you!!! 7 UNIQUE ideas for your next couples session!!! Don't fall into the cliche's.. make people look at your photos and say OMG THAT IS SO THEM! 

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