Creative Portraits in Wildflower Field

Celebrating your uniquely beautiful life with moody and vibrant documentation in this creative self portrait photoshoot.

One day, I shared my desire to create a cottage core-themed photoshoot, showcasing a unique antique couch my stepdad had discovered in Florida and brought all the way to New York as a surprise for me. Given my love for antiques and distinctive props, this idea was particularly exciting to me. I was delighted when Katrina reached out and expressed her eagerness to collaborate on this creative self portrait idea with me.

Framing Friendship Through Photography: How Instagram Brought Us Together

Katrina and I initially connected through Instagram, both sharing a passion for photography and a love for darker, moodier aesthetics. Our first encounter happened when I decided to have her capture family photos to celebrate the arrival of my second daughter. It was a memorable experience that marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We quickly became each other’s biggest supporters!

Setting the Scene by Crafting Creative Self Portraits

Katrina arrived, and I set the mood by playing Lana Del Rey Radio on my Pandora, aligning the music with the vibes I wanted to capture. Together, we ventured out to the field where my husband had helped me transport the couch earlier. Earlier that day, I had visited an antique store with a vague idea in mind, not entirely certain of what I was searching for. However, when I stumbled upon the mirror and brush set, the hat, and the pink phone, I instantly recognized their potential to enhance our photoshoot.

Unleashing Creative Freedom Amongst Nature’s Beauty

After taking some enchanting shots in that field, we strolled to another part of the property where the grass and wildflowers grew tall. The session extended beyond two hours because we were thoroughly immersed in the joy of the moment, exploring and creating to our hearts’ content!

Unconventional Self-Portraits Amidst Berne’s Scenic Beauty

We took these imaginative self-portraits with the stunning backdrop of my 50-acre estate in Berne, New York. The experience was an absolute blast as we laughed our asses off throughout the entire session. Experimenting with eccentric, cottage-core poses to explore what resonated with us and what didn’t. All in all, Katrina perfectly resonated with my creative spirit and enthusiastically embraced every unconventional idea I proposed.

Capturing Cottage Core Vibes with Timeless Film Photography

In keeping with the unique and whimsical cottage core atmosphere. As an illustration of this, I chose to photograph this session using classic black and white 35 mm film. I’m deeply drawn to the vintage, unrefined charm that film photography adds to my work.

Creative Self Portrait Photographer in New York

Celebrating your uniquely beautiful life with moody and vibrant documentation in Upstate New York. I love documenting life, love, and everything in between in the rawest and most intentional way. My goal in this journey is to allow people to be 100% themselves and feel comfortable doing so. I want the world to see you for the amazing and unique person that you are. Let’s make some damn art together. Inquire about your date here!

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