Fun and playful engagement photos in a sunflower field filled with adventurous moments

A Playful Summer Engagement in Westerlo New York

A fun, playful engagement photoshoot during peak sunflower season at Golden Acres Charolais Farm.

In the heart of Upstate New York, amidst the vibrant sunflowers of Golden Acres Charolais Farm in Westerlo, NY, we embarked on an enchanting journey with DeAnna and John. As a New York photographer, my lens captured more than just moments; it immortalized the essence of their love story during a sunflower season engagement session filled with playfulness, surprises, and warm August sunshine. The flowers had just bloomed two days before our shoot, which made for the most perfect day for John and DeAnna’s playful summer engagement photos!

Unique Engagement Photos in Upstate New York

John and DeAnna arrived at the 7-acre sunflower field and we walked down and took some icebreaker photos. It was really cute because DeAnna had painted the bottom of her heels. One had a big wedding ring on it and the other shoe said: “I said Yes”. There was mud on the bottom because the paint hadn’t fully dried yet. So, John stood there trying to get the dirt off the bottom for photos and it was just adorable. After they changed outfits, we went to the other side of the field and took a bunch of playful summer engagement photos of being silly in the field.

Playful Poses in Sunflower Field 

As is often the case, DeAnna and John felt a tinge of awkwardness at the start of the session. Meeting them for the first time, their initial apprehension was natural. But love has a way of melting away inhibitions. They quickly transformed from self-proclaimed “awkward” subjects into a heartwarming display of genuine affection. They were cute and playful and spent a lot of the session making silly faces at each other and goofing around, which was perfectly capturing their love for each other.

Kind Words from DeAnna + John

“Courtney was an amazing photographer with a great personality. She makes you feel comfortable to be silly and yourself. She truly has a gift our engagement photos came out beautifully with a lifetime of memories.”

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