A Charming Upstate New York Wedding Venue 

Celebrating Miranda and Tyler in this gorgeous upstate New York wedding venue couldn’t have been more perfect for such a sweet couple!

In April 2023, Miranda and Tyler embarked on a journey to celebrate their love at a charming Upstate New York Wedding Venue in Altamont, and oh, what a magical choice of timing it was! The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS (which is very uncommon). April in Upstate New York is typically rainy with chilly winds, but this time, nature had something truly extraordinary in store for the couple.

Two Charming Upstate New York Wedding Venues, One Unforgettable Day

Miranda and Tyler opted to get married at The Cathedral of the Immaculate Church and then host a separate wedding reception at The Appel Inn in Altamont. The perfect excuse to rent a wedding party bus! (& that’s exactly what Miranda + Tyler did!!) The Appel Inn in Altamont is nestled on 36 acres in the picturesque town of Altamont. It features a flowing creek and vintage barns that surround the timeless beauty of Upstate New York.

Meeting Miranda and Tyler in Person: A Heartwarming Experience

Meeting someone you’ve known through virtual interactions in person can be an incredibly heartwarming experience. This was precisely the case when I finally met Miranda and Tyler, with whom I had previously connected over FaceTime. The online conversations had given me a sense of how sweet they were, but seeing them in person exceeded all expectations. What truly made this encounter special was witnessing them in the company of their friends. In the presence of their close companions, Miranda and Tyler seemed to shed their inhibitions, allowing their true personalities to shine even more brightly.

The Joy of Celebrating with Friends: A Memorable Party Bus Ride

My delightful experience with Miranda and Tyler extended to the festivities surrounding their wedding. I was fortunate enough to share a party bus ride with them to and from the ceremony at the church. What struck me most was the remarkable camaraderie of their friend group. Their friends exuded hilarity and outgoing energy, creating an atmosphere of positivity and love. It was evident that Miranda and Tyler were surrounded by individuals who wished for nothing but the best for them!

Tyler’s Grandfather: The Life of the Party

Among the many remarkable individuals at the wedding, Tyler’s grandfather, Duane, stood out as an absolute riot. Duane sported a pair of shoes that could only be described as epic, and he wore them with immense pride. What made this moment particularly heartwarming was when Tyler’s dad approached me with a special request. He asked me to approach Duane and inquire about taking a photograph of his extraordinary shoes. Tyler’s dad believed that this simple act would bring immense joy to Duane and spark conversation among the guests. I followed through on this request, and the result was truly heartwarming. Duane was over the moon when I asked to take a picture of his shoes, and he wasted no time in sharing this delightful experience with everyone around him. It was, without a doubt, one of the most endearing moments of the wedding.

Duane’s Special Role: A Cherished Guest

Duane’s involvement in the wedding festivities didn’t end with his stylish shoes. He was also given the honor of taking the first bite of the wedding cake, a moment that was immortalized in the wedding gallery. Duane’s infectious enthusiasm and lively spirit made him the favorite guest of many, including myself. It’s moments like these that transform a wedding into a truly unforgettable and heartwarming occasion. 

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Ceremony Venue: The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception | Reception Venue:  The Appel Inn in Altamont | Photographer: Courtney Stannard | DJ: DJ Scott Pallone | Catering: Elegant Touch Catering | Hair + Makeup: Jessica Lynne Hair and Makeup | Dress: David’s Bridal | Suit: The Black Tux

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