Western Maternity Photos in Upstate New York 

Celebrating the arrival of baby Clayton with western maternity photos in a serendipitous location in Upstate New York!

I had the sincere pleasure of documenting this maternity photoshoot on a beautiful sunny day in May at Leonard Mountain, Gilboa, New York. It’s not just any maternity session; it’s a story about friendship, surprises, and a couple of adventurers who found the perfect spot to document their western-inspired maternity photos. 

From Childhood Friends to Creating Western Maternity Photos

Meet Taylor, one of my best friends. We go wayyy back – she was even a bridesmaid at my wedding. We’ve been pals since our childhood days, and over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Taylor countless times. She’s been my go-to model, always willing to let me experiment with my wackiest photography ideas. So when Taylor shared the wonderful news of her pregnancy, I couldn’t contain my excitement, and I immediately started planning her maternity session. It was a no-brainer, really.

A Serendipitous Western Maternity Photoshoot Location

So, these two lovebirds picked this spot for their maternity photoshoot because they stumbled upon it during one of their joyrides! One of their favorite things to do is hop in the car and discover hidden backroads. Taylor messaged me later, all excited, saying, “I FOUND THE SPOT FOR OUR SESSION!!

Being able to photograph Taylor, as she embarked on this new chapter was an adventure filled with laughter, joy, and a touch of the wild west. The location added a serendipitous touch to the shoot. As the sun cast its warm glow over Leonard Mountain, Taylor and Darren, radiated happiness. Their love for each other and their excitement for Baby Clayton shone through every frame.

From goofing around to embracing the quiet, intimate moments, Taylor’s maternity shoot was a celebration of the genuine connection between her and Darren. As well as a testament to their authenticity and the beautiful journey they were embarking on together. It’s moments like these that make documenting love stories in Upstate New York not just a job but a privilege.

The Journey to Baby Clayton + the Perfect Parent Duo

Baby Clayton was a delightful surprise that brought immense joy to Taylor and her partner. You see, we’ve always known that Taylor had what it takes to be an incredible mom. She’s goofy, playful, and, most importantly, 100% herself. The bond between Taylor and Darren is something truly special; they are perfect parents for baby Clayton! 

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